Vertically Integrated Cannabis Company

Several licensed facilities that need startup capital. Potential acquisition opportunities also available to expand company portfolio quickly.

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Startup cannabis company established by a group of experienced industry professionals that have helped build and operate facilities throughout the region since 2009 when RI implemented their dispensary system, then moving into the Massachusetts market in 2018 to open up some of the first recreational retail dispensaries after recreational legalization in 2016. 

Cannabis experts partnered with successful entrepreneurial business owners to maintain the executive level positions, maintain the administrative work, and help raise funds.

Goals and plans in place to become a multi state operator, with strategic partnerships in place to secure exclusive licensing deals with popular brands in the industry, and relationships with A-list talent to create new brands or create exposure for current ones available through our company.

Partnerships with scientists working on new patented products that aren’t currently available in the market, creating an opportunity to be first to market with those and secure exclusive licensing for distribution of those as well.

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