Next New Concept, Inc.

NNC (USA) - $3B Contract to Manufacture & Build 29,000 Modular Homes in AFRICA for AFRICA.

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A $3 billion order, 29,000 homes: This is a transformational opportunity to lay the foundation to become AFRICA'S LEADING HOMEBUILDER.  We provide the dream of modern home ownership to hundreds of thousands through factory-built housing in Africa, for Africa. We are asking for a $1 million (12% interest due April 2025) BRIDGE LOAN to cover model homes and operating expenses pending the close of the project's $100M funding in July. As an added incentive, we are offering 5-year Common Stock Warrants to provide an equity kicker for the use of your money.

1.     START WITH A GREAT TEAM - We have an experienced, award-winning team with international business and technical expertise within the realms of marketing, product development, manufacturing, and residential construction. DONE
2.     START WITH A HIGH DEMAND GROWTH MARKET – Sub-Saharan Africa will have a 200M-unit housing deficit by 2030 [United Nations].  DONE 
3.     START WITH A BIG ORDER – An executed contract to build 29,000 homes, over $3B is a BIG order. DONE
4.     START WITH A SELF-FUNDED CUSTOMER – Our customer is one of  the largest private landowners in the Ivory Coast (Côte  d'Ivoire) West Africa and has pledged adequate properties to secure a $100 million working capital loan including $35 million for NNC's manufacturing and support facilities, $18 million for CAPEX & Rolling Stock, $2 million to NNC-USA for MANAGEMENT FEES, $26 million for working capital and $19 million held in reserve.  A 25-hectare (62 acres) land grant from our JV partner to establish NNC's operations. DONE 
5.     EXECUTE FLAWLESSLY – Repeat – Repeat - Repeat.

We are "NNC" – Next New Concept, Inc. (Delaware), Phoenix, AZ USA   WEBSITE:
Speak to the CEO - Michael Niemann  [email protected]

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