New York's Premier Group LLC

Seeking 3 million to continue to grow driven residential & commercial tech construction sales company

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We are a residential & commercial sales company specializing in roofing, siding and window replacements.  The owner (myself) has worked in multiple different in home sales organizations over the past ten years and was typically able to close 3.5-4.0 million per year. I myself I have created a sales process from all my experience from being in thousands of in-home sales transactions. I have just learned the marketing side of the business by putting myself through many courses to be able to perform our own marketing effectively and to be able to change with the market instead of relying on a third party company where strategies may become obsolete.  We are closing at an 66% closing ratio.  I have taken the guess work out of all measurements, measurements are done via satellite and on site pictures/software, we are able to design/alter the houses colors/finishes depending on what they are looking at in the home. Also we are a one stop shop with payments, we are setup for ACH, credit cards and most importantly financing! We can get someone with as low as a 500 credit score approved or as high as an 800 credit score at 0% interest. The residential sales process for each appointment is 1 1/2 hours to 3 1/2 hours walk out with a contract-all contracts along with finance docs have been created and signed via DocuSign.  All appointments are done with the aid of a drone to ensure we address pain points on issues with the current products on the house. We are a forward thinking company who loves to involve tech into the company. We have the ability and have been also closing deals remotely when clients request us to do so, this works much better then we would've imagined our software allows us to never have to technically go to the home to measure or inspect. Our office staff consists of myself, an office manager, and an installation manager, 6 project managers, we now have 5 full time sales reps, looking to move forward with opening a second location. In the field we have nine installation crews.  We have a vast installation force currently who can handle much more but we need to raise capital to continue to move forward. 

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