New Hope at park Lake

Looking to raise $350k to $450

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Our greenhouse was always meant for a place for children with pyscological  barriers to have opportunities for employment and be within an inclusive environment. This project is now spearheaded by Ethan who is autistic and is desperately trying to save the family greenhouses by turning them into a succulent wholesaler or a vegetable farm.  We have til February 27 or it goes up for sale by the banks.   This is a greenhouse that was started in 2000 with a good reputation and seen as an established business. When we started our new location the contractor went bankrupt and took the remainder funds and materials for the project. For 20 years we paid a double mortgage in order to hold onto this project for Ethan for when he was old enough. We have a group of people ready to help him go forward but the bank's do not want to cover the mortgage any more.  There are so many young adults who this project will help. We have a succulent grower who will help with the five year plan to get the greenhouses established for growing succulents. There is a community of volunteers waiting to help to finish the project and a waiting list of kids who want to be included. The potential is huge for a number of business ideas as well as  including a coffee shop and wedding venue. We just need an angel to help these kids as the banks will not risk it. In doing that they are forcing our family out of our home as we invested everything into this project. We believe in this wholeheartedly. We believe in Ethan and he deserves a chance. We have a team of businessmen and women ready to help him. Find his story on New Hope at Park Lake Facebook page. 

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