I need funding to buy real estate and build a convenient store - Start-Up business - $300 K to $3 M

Prime Property: Double lot for sale 104' wide X 150’ long on a very busy Veterans Blvd.

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I'm seeking funding of $200,000 K to 500,000 K to qualify for a low interest JEDCO (Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission) 504 SBA Loan.  My start-up is to  purchase 1914 & 1918 Veterans Blvd. Asking price for these two  lots is $2,000,000.00.  The Perfect place for a convenient store and two large offices upstairs.
•        Prime Double lot for sale with 150’ frontage on Veterans Blvd.  
•        Combined lots dimensions of 104’ X 150’  (15,600 total Sq. Ft.).
•        52,600 average annual daily traffic volume.
•        Close proximity to I-10 On/Off ramp at the intersection of Veterans Blvd. and Causeway. 
•        ½ mile to the Lakeside Shopping Center  
•        Behind the property are residential homes, I forecast a lot of foot traffic from the community .  The trend of ‘shopping local’ has risen steadily over the last few years, due in part to the increase in the number of convenience stores in various locations. Especially when you only need a couple things; bread, eggs, milk and you don’t want to drive to a grocery store, hunt down the product, and probably stand in a long line to purchases it. (2021) The Metairie, Louisiana population is 142,135. The population in zip code 70005 is 25,767. There are 6,147 people per square mile aka population density.  According to a 2018 industry report, 153,237 convenience stores are operating in the U.S. These stores generated $616.3 billion in sales for an average of nearly $4 million per store.  A convenience stores easy access can command high product prices and strong customer traffic. This can translate into healthy profits for your small business; provided that you're serving the needs of your customers, controlling your costs, and pricing your goods appropriately. Again I forecast a lot of foot traffic from the surrounding neighborhoods.
    Imagine leaving your home for work, stop at our convenient store for some fresh cut fruit, fresh juice, or a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy on your drive to work. Made just for you.  Healthier than breakfast at McDonald’s or Burger King and no other store offers a fruit stand. Our deli will serve a healthy lunch as well. 
A covered seating area for outside dinning. A Sunday Carvery, target customers: the 7 or 8 churches on  Veterans Blvd. and Metairie Rd., would be a great attraction to family and friends coming from church. I and  my employees would wear our Sunday best.  
Eight Mardi Gras padres and the annual Irish Italian parade pass this property. 
 Biggest money making party of the year. Veterans Blvd. is closed during this time. Parking spaces would rent fast; the store would be open for foot traffic; drinks, beer, snacks, and ice. 
 I use to own Metairie Road Spur, Inc. @ 2913 Metairie Rd., a Gas station, convenient store, and auto shop. During the St. Patrick’s Day parade my store income would double. To hold down the crowd in the small store I opened the auto shop and sold drinks and snacks out of it. I rented the parking spaces, charge a $1.00 to use the store restroom.
The first 25’X 104’ from Veterans Blvd will be for parking 2,600 ft².  additional parking in the rear
First floor: Convenient store 4,550 Sq. Ft., 60’W X 65’ L    3,900 ft²  
Second floor:  2) 800 Sq. Ft., offices  security equipment: 1,600 ft² , 25’W X 32’.  
Thank you!
I have Epilepsy with a Seizure disorder: getting a job is hard, and keeping that job is even harder. Companies think Law Suit when I apply for a job. I just want to be normal.    

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