New Ability Health Center Incorporated

Raising the $3mill to build a campus for special needs adults.

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New Ability Health Center, Incorporated (NAHC) is a social service organization that provides overall care to adults who live with mental illness and special needs in Houston, Texas. Offering dynamic, unique, and constantly evolving services and programs, the center would be a long-term age in place "one stop shop" approach to housing for adults who live with mental illness and special needs adults.

Our facility will be available for individuals over the age of eighteen and up, who are beginning to reach the age of being too old to live at home (if no caregivers), yet too young to live in a full-time nursing facility, hospice, or state school. This facility will serve the needs of those who are mentally or physical disabled and require 24-hour supervision. By serving this group we can create an excellent living environment, including a social family–like atmosphere, and maintain healthy and active lifestyles for all our residents.

Chronic disease, mental health, substance use, homelessness, crime, and access to health care are some of the top issues of greatest concern in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. A sizable percentage of this acknowledged difficulties, especially mental health, substance abuse, and violence are behavioral issues that can be curbed or at the very least reduced to the bare minimum through tangible social structures, maintain healthcare programs, and homeless prevention services like ours.

We understand the position of the communities around our target area and the critical need for services like ours, therefore we will reach out even to the most remote areas in urban Houston. We will deliver our services as close to the people as possible in Houston and the surrounding neighborhoods. We would stay committed to developing a complete approach that allows people and families (groups) to define and achieve their overall physical health and mental stability by providing all services under one roof.

We help our clients make radical improvements in their lives as young people or adults who desire healthy, relational connections, a home, etc. Our services are client-centered, culturally competent, holistic, and result oriented. We are a patient-centric organization with a service culture that is deeply rooted in the fabrics of our organizational structure and its adopted culture. With this, we believe that we will be enabled to consistently achieve our set goals, increase our engagements, and reinforce our positive long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and patrons.

We are a privately owned and managed nonprofit incorporation that believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence and success with uncompromising services. Our goal(s) are to help individuals achieve and improve their overall quality of life to lead a movement inspiring both personal and community efforts in change and growth in the area of special needs long term housing. We are a guaranteed one stop location for multiple services needed by this specific community.

We will carry out strategic promotional activities to ascertain success and drive growth. Topnotch marketing programs proven to boost the brand’s publicity and awareness will be carried out to ensure the necessary awareness and advertisement is achieved for NAHC both locally and state-wisely. Our market strategy is to continue our relationships with Houston's social service community, police stations and those who have fallen off their medication and gone homeless. We plan to seek out those in need and take our services to clients by using both customer and referral marketing strategies.

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