Ned's New England Deck

Lifelong hospitality operators looking to fulfil fundraising goal for Mid-September launch.

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Restaurant partners Steve Forbes and Anthony Gallotto seek $99,000 for inventory working capital and payroll expenses for their restaurant concept Ned's New England Deck.  With the build out close to completion Ned's looks to open its doors mid-September 2022.   Forbes and Gallotto will draw on their 30+ years of restaurant operations experience and their New England Roots to deliver New England Style Seafood and Roast beef to The Northern VA and DC Area.  An area that has a tong for seafood and lacks quality options.

In the heart of affluent and bustling Fairfax Virginia m Ned's hosts 64 seats including a large outdoor deck featured in its namesake.  Ned's service style is upscale quick serve a hybrid of quick serve and upscale casual, what the duo refers to us upscale quick serve.  The two main advantages of this style of service is that it is far more personal than typical quick serve, allowing staff to make human connections and build relationships with guests. It also allows to keep the cost of labor down in a time that this has never been more important.  

An investment in this store is a proverbial seat at the table for future outposts of this sure to be profitable restaurant concept.  The team is composed of strong operators with complimentary pedigrees and is ready to serve and make money for itself and restaurant investor partners. 

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Ned's New England Deck is no longer seeking funding.