Raising $6 million in 3 Tranches, first being 1.5 million to fund IND Drug application with FDA

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eBIOMETA is a disruptor focused on shifting therapies to safe and effective natural alternative OTC and DRUGS, simultaneously cutting patient costs.
  • Large market Potential – the effects of global warming and pollution compound respiratory disease
  • Global need for safe and effective OTC and DRUG for the treatment of early onset, mild, acute and chronic rhinosinusitis;
  • Global need for an effective alternative to antibiotic therapy in upper respiratory; 
  • Global need for an effective antiviral in respiratory, colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, H1N1, SARS, Covid
  • Global need for an effective asthma drug
  • Global need for a cystic fibrosis drug
  • Technology: Global need for biofilm detection technology given approximately 60+% of infections involve a biofilm and there is no reliable technology.
eBIOMETA is a researched based enterprise: a OTC product proven track record
  • 200,000 units sold in OTC
  • A new Drug Indication. Multiple Drugs in development.
  • A first all-natural ingredient and formulation, provisional patent protected for use in respiratory and biofilm infection accepted July 30, 2021 into Pre-IND by FDA.
  • Lab Corp Drug Development (LDD) manages the drug project. LDD has a history of success doing 30% of new drug applications, obtaining 90% of new drug approvals.
  • Backed by substantial peer reviewed published research.
eBIOMETA delivers Consumer Value
  • Multiple peer reviewed published research documents disclose consumer costs of treating or dealing with upper respiratory infection most commonly referred to as ‘rhinosinusitis’
  • Those costs range from a few hundred dollars to an approximate $13,000 ESS surgery
  • The average annual spend in the USA is approximately $7,000 excluding a surgery
  • In the USA, there are 500,000 new visits to a doctor per year
  • In the USA, there are 60 million persons with allergy caused rhinosinusitis
  • In the USA, there are 30 million persons with non-allergy caused rhinosinusitis
  • In the USA, the incidence of comorbidities as a result of failure to successfully treat rhinosinusitis, resulting in greater disease severity and higher disease burden
  • These consumers are sick, and destined to get sicker and sicker, losing family time, work time and can develop a comorbidity that leads ultimately to death.
  • These consumers spend for unnecessary testing; the outcome is familiar – ESS surgery.
  • THE CLINICAL GUIDELINE recommends an antibiotic therapy. Peer reviewed published research discloses this therapy does not work and results in negative side effects.
  • THE CLINICAL GUIDELINE as an example, states: STATEMENT 2. SYMPTOMATIC RELIEF OF VIRAL RHINOSINUSITIS (VRS): Clinicians may recommend analgesics, topical intranasal steroids, and/or nasal saline irrigation for symptomatic relief of VRS
  • RESEARCH discloses these therapies do not provide any lasting benefit
  • INTRANASAL STEROIDS global business across all major suppliers – Global Fluticasone – sales in the billions and declining – the drug is not effective
eBIOMETA delivers Consumer Value, a safe and effective therapy relieving consumers of testing, costs and work loss, causing a pivot from poor health to good health, improving lifestyle whilst slashing costs.
  • OTC cost                     $14.99
  • Drug estimated cost     $179.00
eBIOMETA is a global leader in pharmaceutical manuka honey research and product development
eBIOMETA will develop a biofilm detection technology resulting in significant consumer savings on testing for cause of infection.
eBIOMETA technology will impact catheter infection rates, medical device implant infection rates, upper respiratory disease infection longevity, upper respiratory caused lung infections
eBIOMETA brings a modern natural and safe ingredient that will disrupt current, traditional, ineffective big pharma treatments with consumers spending $billions.
eBIOMETA will develop a SINUS APP measuring temperature, determining symptoms and recommending a therapy or doctors visit; the objective is to eliminate unnecessary doctor visits and help consumers self-diagnose and self-treat particularly for early onset rhinosinusitis 
eBIOMETA is working with Exemplar and a technology to resolve biofilm infection within closed water systems for Global Industry and specifically for the Global pharmaceutical industry where biofilm contamination is a significant cost interrupting drug production

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