National BMX Association

Raising Funds To Bring People Together! Bringing Awareness to the unity a sport can provide to a community!

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Our mission, is to help bring communities together through fitness, fun, and giving back! 

5 years ago our family was introduced to the sport of BMX racing. Our son spent his whole childhood struggling to find a team sport that was a good fit for him, and struggled to make friends because of his ADHD and anxiety found not only both when he started racing BMX, but we found an additional family! The support among BMX families is one that I have only every seen one other place in my life and that was my Fire Department Family! The sport of BMX racing is an olympic sport that seems to be an out of site and out of mind sport to most people and it shouldn't be! After 5 years of racing (our entire family does it now) my husband and I saw a need to help other families who are in the same boat we are. We also want to help so many others! This isn't just a sport for kids! From age 1 - 100 you can participate in this sport! You can race, you can volunteer, you can build life long relationships all while staying health an active! You can participate at whatever level suits you best! 

So we started this nonprofit. The whole idea is designed to get all people of all physical and metal abilities of all ages onto bicycles and help develop their physical and social skills. My husband and I have recently started this non profit after seeing what the sport of BMX did for our son and our entire family. The BMX racing and freestyle community is so very supportive and accepting of all walks of life however it is an area very few people know much about. This sport can help people who are trying to recover from a physical injury, people who are recovering from addiction, people who have physical or mental disabilities, people who struggle with anxiety, and depression. This sport is the place to come whether you are currently an athlete looking to branch out from traditional sports, to someone who just doesn't know where they fit in! 

The funds we are raise will be used to help the 375+ local BMX racing tracks in the USA work with their local communities to bring new riders out to the sport. We will help fund people who cannot afford to enter the sport. We will work with the school systems to get kids involved in the sport when they struggle to find other sports that they find a good fit with. We will work with facilities to help people struggling with mental illness find a partnership and support within the BMX community. We will set up mentorship programs for youth and adults. We will work with local community businesses to help find good matches from the youth in the sport to find jobs in their local communities We will work with everyone in the sport to understand the importance of giving back to their communities and becoming unified communities again regardless of race, creed, religion or political beliefs. We will continue to in house build bikes that will work to help anyone ride no matter what they feel their physical or mental limitations may. be. While doing all of this local we will continue to write policies and procedures of everything that we are doing so that we can then continue to work with every BMX facility at a national level to do the same thing. We have the capabilities in house already to create medial campaigns to promote what we are doing. At this time we have the support of over 100 local people in our community who stand behind our goals and our missions and are also ready to help! 

We appreciate your time and hope we can continue to answer any questions you may have! We hope you will join us on this mission and you to will be able to see the changes that can be made by just riding a bike! 

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