National Advisors Group

Raising up to $1 million to drive growth for a modern, technology-driven national independent insurance agency.

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National Advisors Group is a modern, technology-driven national independent insurance agency that brings together data, digital technology and automation along with the right amount of human interaction to create the ideal environment to efficiently help our clients manage risk. We are past our initial startup phase and looking for investors to fuel accelerated growth.   We have an existing affluent client base and have direct appointments with many industry leading insurance carriers in the high net worth, standard and non-admitted markets.  We sell personal insurance as well as small commercial and life insurance.  Our company was co-founded by two experienced insurance industry veterans and we have almost 1,000 customers and have developed proprietary technology.  Our company has operated across the country and has grown through the pandemic due to us embracing technology and effectively managing a business remotely as needed.  For more details, including a full business plan and financials, please reach out to schedule a meeting.   

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