Nano Catalytics, Inc.

On demand, heat free adhesive curing accelerating and transforming manufacturing

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On-demand, opaque catalysis delivers sustainable, high-speed, high-capacity manufacturing with partners like Lockheed and Worthen Industries. 

Polymerization Activation with 90% Less Energy

Nanoparticle enabled high speed polymerization without heating, without light, without mixing

What We Do

Nano Catalytics’ novel approach to polymerizing plastics and assembling products transforms manufacturing. Our low energy, heat free approach dramatically lowers costs, increases speeds, eliminates solvents, eliminates mixing and employs less energy than existing methods. Our technology accordingly enables customers to significantly decrease product and manufacturing costs, increase manufacturing throughput, lower capital cost, reduce manufacturing footprint while enabling production of parts and products that cannot be created using conventional polymerization methods.

How We Do It

To work this magic, we create nano- or micro-sized particles using well-established processes (primarily used in pharma). Inside the particle is an activation chemical that initiates polymerization when it comes in contact with another agent and some carbon nanotubes or other material that heats up when excited by microwaves. Surrounding those two materials is an impermeable wax-like layer. The particles are mixed into the primary liquid adhesive (in as low as parts per million concentration), which can then be applied to surfaces to be adhered together during manufacturing. The particles remain dormant indefinitely until excited by a microwave field. Then, the particle melts, releasing the activating chemical into the adhesive and causing rapid polymerization on-demand. It works for non-metallic objects of any size or shape, and with the right chemistry, can bond almost instantly. The microwave units are commercially available and can be easily added to existing production lines.

Meaningful Customer Impact

Current polymerization solutions include heat-curing in ovens or presses, two-part mixed-on-use systems (with a short time to use), solvent cast systems, and or combinations of these. These are often very slow processes which typically require expensive, large-footprint capital equipment, complex metering and mixing systems, and or costly and intricate molding systems. Our initial products transform conventional product assembly and polymer product manufacturing by:

• increasing speeds up to a factor of 10
• cutting capital costs dramatically
• lowering energy costs up to 90%
• reducing the manufacturing footprint up to 75%
• eliminating solvents and their associated dangers
• radically reducing heat input and energy expenditure

All these benefits accrue while enabling a vast new array of materials and product designs previously impossible. Our initial applications focus on foam and leather adhesive laminating in shoes and mattresses. Our active lead customer, Worthen Industries, represents one of three companies which invested to found our firm.

Company Overview

A new, proven on-demand, heat free polymerization platform for virtually all chemistries.  Ubiquitous, existing equipment activates catalytic nanoparticles on demand curing through opaque materials

Polymerization Transformed!

• Our technology delivers light cure speed through opaque objects
• Simply add our proprietary nanoparticles to formulas
• Existing, bolt on equipment activates our nanoparticles
• The nanoparticles release catalysts polymerizing the formula
• Add particles to formulas bolt on equipment activates particles

Business Model

Our process will increase production capacity and give product designers much greater flexibility. We will price our particles to capture a portion of the customer's cost savings. We anticipate 90% margins on our products while still affording substantial savings to the manufacturer.

Sales & Acceptance Cycles

Sales cycles will be dependent on the type of product, performance requirements, and approval pathways. We are starting with foam and non-woven laminate markets where approvals are relatively short, performance requirements are modest, and we have an investor/customer which is excited to be part of the development process


We would expect to sell the company to a catalyst manufacturer or distributor. We may also be able to license the technology for certain markets that we don't expect to pursue. For instance, we've been told by experts that it may have significant value for medical applications.
Our First Market – Laminated Products Adhesives

• No to low heat
• No depth restrictions
• No solvents, no hot melts
• Very low maintenance
• Much less space - footprint

Today – Two layers at a time Separate Cures, Minutes to Hours Weeks

Nano Catalytics – All layers at once Instant to Minutes Just-In-Time

Competitive Advantages & IP

We have filed one patent on the base technology and have filed six more provisionals this year. We have a team of deeply experienced professionals, a network built over 30+ years, investor/customers who are anxious to be initial customers, and the unique combination of skills required to implement this new technology. Experts in multiple disciplines have commented on the elegance and simplicity of the solution, but also note that the concept requires a combination of disciplines not often found in a single place, a single firm, a single effort.

Our Leadership

A deeply experienced, accomplished team
Startup Conception, Growth, Management & Exit
10+ Startups & counting, multiple successful exits
Multiple startups in diverse industries at varied scales globally – focused on materials, manufacturing.

Adam Malofsky, PhD - CEO
• 35+ yrs chemicals commercialization
• Multiple startups
• Award winning products, 50+ patents
• Deep experience in scaling & trialing
• Raised $100mm+, Sirrus exit
• Billions in annual product sold by teams

Steve Levin - COO
• 30+ yrs operations, commercialization
• Raised $100mm+
• Multiple startups, exits, M&A
• GE; P&G executive

Bill Mann - Director, Commercialization
• 30+ yrs chemicals business leadership
•40+ yrs chemicals sales, product introductions
• Award winning products

Srinagesh Potluri, PhD - Director, Chemistry
• 35+ yrs chemicals product development
• Multiple startups – Zyvex exit
• Organic, Catalysis, Composites
• Deep polymerization experience

Board of Directors
Adam Malofsky, PhD., CEO, Member
Steve Levin, COO, Member
John Habbert, Investor, Member
Eric Worthen, Worthen, CEO, Observer
James Cooke, Chemence, CEO, Obseerver
Jonathan, Hirsh, Lamart CEO, Observer
John Abeles, MD, MBA,, Investor, Observer

Technology Advisory Board
Ravi Ravichandran, Ph.D. – Catalysis
Jeffrey Sullivan, Ph.D. – Catalysis
Larry Lewis, Ph.D. – Silicones, Phenolics
Michael Buck – Composite Manufacturing
Chris D’Armitt – Plastics Technology

Major Milestones
Technology proven – we activate polymerization on demand
Microwave Techniques is our equipment partner
Worthen development & trials underway 4 major patent filings via Baker-Hostetler 12 to 18 months to $1MM/yr revenue rate
24 to 30 months to a $10Mm/yr revenue rate 36 months to likely first patent grants


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