NAAMEA Diversity Fund

Co-investing in portfolio tech companies with profitable track record & other startups with immediate appreciation.

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NAAMEA has been in the ICT market for almost 21 years. We created this fund to co-invest with leading venture capital groups & individuals to provide the combination of growth capital, relationships, and technical and management expertise. We make strategic investments in high–growth market opportunities that leverage our network and capabilities in North America, the Middle East and Africa.  
We invest in rising startups, carefully selected SaaS, E-Commerce, Fintech and technology-based companies in addition to well-established technology companies that have revenues that vary from $1M to $20M+ and have profitability trach record for many years in a row. Our current Diversity fund goes after two main streams:
1- Partial acquisition in well-established profitable companies in the ICT sector in North America and MEA region. We have 20+ companies in the deal flow and we are actively looking for more.
2- Co-investing with leading VCs with access to special deals and immediate appreciation that is not available outside our negotiated deals in addition to other leading rising  startups that are not available in the market yet. Please reach out to share with you the details. 

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