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Beginning of the Golden Age!

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The world as we know it is becoming more separated by the day and is writhe with an increase in violent crimes including kidnappings and break-ins. The Mystic's Guardian app will improve the world as we know it. The app will be able to Livestream people who feel they are in danger not only to the police but also to those who live in their communities. This will encourage more people to help keep their communities safer by keeping the people in those communities safer. With the amount of time, it can take for emergency personnel to reach a location having an off-duty officer or doctor help in an otherwise helpless situation is a positive. Or perhaps a neighbor is having a heart attack and needs to get to a hospital fast but all emergency calls are on hold. This will give the opportunity for the user to have a second chance because a good samaritan was able to get them to the hospital just in time to save their life. The app has a lot more use cases and will not only be touch activated. If the user is not able to press the button the app will also be movement and voice-activated to decrease the chances of a possible assailant being able to get away with their crime. So if you want to help me usher in the next Golden Age contact me at [email protected] or text me at 832-888-3897! Thank you for your consideration!

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