Raising $550K for new social media platform.

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If you are one of the very few and very fortunate individuals to become interested in this new social media platform, roll back the tides of time to 2004 and consider the possibility that someone handed you an investment project called Facebook.  This is a new evolution of social media. It's a site that coordinates the user's internet social media usage as well as many other features. will feature an array of services that will allow the user to coordinate one's internet day.  The site will have it's own private storage section which will allow an individual to upload personal files and documents for access anywhere the user logs into their portal.  It contains a section to upload music and be able to play that music while scrolling thru other parts of the site.  The user can create particular albums to play or create a specific music list of their favorites.  The site will also allow the user to listen to their favorite radio station or watch streaming TV right from their individualize portal.  One will be able to upload short videos and pictures and share those pictures with specific friends on the platform.   There is a section for gaming both individual and across the platform games.  It has its own built in email platform so that you can send and receive email right thru the site to other users.  It has an area to market products, search for friends across the world who have similar likes and dislikes as well as those who share hobbies and activities.   This is a new evolution beyond what other social media platforms have offered and seeks to make using the internet easy to use for those just starting out or the young user who is just learning how to use the internet.  A parent can establish a platform for their young user that gives them the ability to coordinate their daily internet usage. 

The project is currently being developed by a team of programmers in India with the constructive ideas coming from the creator here.  The project coordinator is in the country of Kosovo where we hope to launch the project from.  The country of just 1.8 million residents, have a young, well educated population clamoring for the opportunity to have something of this magnitude to work on and be a part of.  Kosovo is a poor, newly formed country in Eastern Europe which broke away from Serbia and declared independence in 2008.  As it struggles to be internationally recognized, a project of this proportion would definitely offer an opportunity for world wide acceptance.  The university in Prishtina graduates well trained technical students who have no where to exercise their stills. will give them the opportunity a earn a decent wage as well as have a huge economic impact on the country as a whole.

The site is due to be completed by September of 2021 at which time a team will provide testing of functionality, integration of features, and ease of use.  The plan is assemble a team in Kosovo in early 2022 to begin a marketing campaign and launch the project.  With the ability to use trained programmers in Kosovo which will work for one tenth the cost of a programmer here in the United States, we have the ability to streamline startup costs and expand as ad revenue permits.

With Facebook's value at over three quarter's of a trillion dollars, the financial windfall a social media project coming out of Eastern Europe will have huge implications for that region.  The young labor force in Kosovo is ready and available to take on such a project!

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