MYG Sports. Inc.

Raising $3mm to fund licensing for the first 20 European Leagues Soccer Teams with the largest social media fan base for our operating sports selfie app.

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95 Million selfies are being taken everyday! Europeans leading the way  with the average of 597 selfies per person per year! The social media has billions of sports fans that are looking to stay connected.  Soccer or Football as they call it is their passion!  Our app will contain 4 to 5 pictures of players in different poses to use in your very own instant selfies, to share with your friends or rivals in endless hours of entertainment. You can also get the latest team news, purchase tickets, or team merchandise form our app! 
The app will target 20 teams in the European soccer leagues with the largest social media fan base and later move on to over 320+ teams in all sports around the world! The official launch with our first team, SF Benfica will be in early October with two major undisclosed teams to follow shortly after.  

App is currently active, finishing all testing stages, and available to download for free on Play Store or App Store: 

 Please check us out , download it , take some selfies and share with your friends or rivals! 

Business deck and long term business plan  available upon request.

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