Northern Fuel and Convenience

We are looking to raise some capital to purchase a few more convenience stores in our wheelhouse. Family owned and operated business looking to expand even more!

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Excellent growth potential!  Family owned and operated convenience store business that has exploded in the last 18 months.  Located in beautiful northern MN, our stores are located in the center of excellent hunting, fishing, and tourist attractions.  Our stores feature the usual c-store items including fuel, deli, propane, bait, liquor, clothing, and more!  We have been involved in the business for many years finally deciding about 2 years ago its time to own and operate our own stores.  Our business has absolutely exploded in all our stores since we started operating them.  Currently we have 8 stores with the hopes of purchasing several more.  We currently run branded and unbranded fueling sites.  Branded is what we see our customer prefer.  We just need help moving to the next level!  Our TEAM operates like a well oiled machine.  Join our team and see the results!  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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