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Raising money 300k to build a Premium music agent app

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My app is for underground artist who want to make serious music and get paid for it they get a 2 week free trial and on that trial they can upload a picture stage name an audio of their music they will automatically upload their music for $0.99 a song they also can choose to skip the free trial for $9.95 a month they can upload songs in audio choose a stage name a pick a genre of music for the audience they want to choose even a sub-genre such as rock or rock rap rock country gospel rap or just gospel or gangster rap Etc. And for 6 months they can pay $15.95 for 6 months and they can choose up to 15 songs to put on an album they can take up to 15 songs of audio that they made and collapse them into an album and also there is a Platinum Status for $30.95 they can choose 30 songs and upload videos of their performance in front of audiences rather it be rap battles local concerts anything they can advertise are promote their own music also buy sell or trade music equipment and do featurettes with other Musical artist after 1 year of loyalty their songs can go up to a $1.50 per song but they have to meet the qualifications have to be in Platinum Status have a minimum of 50000 albums sold in the beginning of the app it will ask do you want to sign in as an artist or guest which a guest can either sign in using a username or anonymously because the guest is a person who is searching for new music and artists to listen to and buy songs guest are fans the name of this app is "the music agent" all songs by any artist on this app will have to be original that means written by that artist or group only no covers no parodies there can be remakes if any artist does happened to get signed  by a major label or any label their music will all be deleted anyone who is below the age of 18 shall have parent's permission to continue the colors I have in mind are cobalt blue and black I'm going for bright fun also professional business look on my homepage I would like for my logo to be a musical note in like this suit that's also cobalt blue and black and as for the font Times New Roman during their two week trial there will be ads at the beginning when they open up the app and 5 to 10 seconds after they hit upload

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