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Movie Producer-Director seeking a short term $150,000.00 Bridge Loan for Pre Production

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Producer-Director, Cathy Irby Durant is seeking a $150,000.00, six months Bridge Loan to cover the Preproduction Development Phase  for the  Feature Film, “Going Out a Champion,” the Coach Joe Ellis Story. The short term loan will be used for hiring pre production crew, and packaging required to quality for Distribution Pre-sales and State Film Production Tax Incentives.  

The Producer Director is offering in exchange for the 6 months,  $150,000.00 Short Term Loan, 30% interest paid off the  top of the loan,  plus 20% equity ownership shares from the revenue earnings for life of the film. Also, an Executive Producer or Co-Production Credit. The Main 14.6 million dollar budget has been committed to be funded by a Senior Lender.  
The Investment offer is incentivized for a quick funding decision. Requesting consideration for a loan from a serious, financially liquid Investor. The Producer Director will not accept a  loan that requires an upfront fee,  bond insurance or early repayment penalty. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.  For more details  contact: 

Cathy Durant, Producer Director
Email: [email protected]

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