We have net term contracts in place with Hospitals and military

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We are a medical supply company in Houston that has done over 8 million in sales to hospitals, Nursing Homes & the military. We are seeking funding to streamline our operations and supply areas.

It's a great day and time to be in the Medical Supply Industry and we at MedProtect Global Supplies LLC are excited about the opportunity to expand our horizons.  Every company can benefit from the right purposeful partnerships. We have internally discussed our professional interest in adding 
 a long term investor to aide in kick-starting some operational needs for our organization. 

Our offer to you with an initial investment of one million dollars is a return of three percent as well as activating a six percent automatic commission on all net profits of MedProtect Global Supplies LLC over the next twelve months. In 2020 alone MedProtect Global Supplies LLC completed well over five million dollars in sales. This year we are on course to break that number already surpassing the three point five million dollar sales number. 

The primary consumer of our private label and traditional product lines are nursing homes, dental offices, PCP offices, pharmacies, school systems, military & local/regional hospitals to name a few. This gives us a market reach that allows us to supply for our community and many times offer net-terms that could span as wide as thirty days. This is why having you as a strategic partner in product acquisitions and operational development is in our current and future plan of action.

What exactly will MedProtect Global Supplies LLC do with the funding? We will utilize the capital to acquire more products for easier access to in stock items. With the continued evolution of businesses attempting to reopen at full capacity on the ground products will; and has, become a must. This investment will give our company that flexibility instantaneously. We will also hire an in house customer service team and hourly sales team that will focus on lead generation. Why hourly sales? So that their job can be to focus on the assignment and not the commission. Our administration would get a boost in the hire of a full time admin along with two rotating front desk clerks.

The operational flexibility presented by this capital investment would relieve much of the strains placed on our business having the instant ability to have in house stock at a premium catalogue cost for clientele. Our current option leaves us vulnerable to missing sales from consistent clientele due to lack of needed supplies. This investment would also eliminate the need for many high cost PO Financiers allowing the company to grow at a faster and wider pace than it is currently able to buy allowing a larger reinvestment margin for MedProtect Global Supplies LLC to MedProtect Global Supplies LLC.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you again very soon. 


Yunati Shahid
MedProtect Global Supplies LLC

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