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Raising $50k to pursue my venture. I'm super excited about this project and the positivity it will bring!

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Hi, I'm Miles Omar! The project that I'm currently working on is a new way to honor artists in the entertainment industry.  For a while now, I've grown weary of seeing artists not receive the recognition they deserve. And I realized I wasn't the only one who felt this way. It turns out that many large fanbases have expressed this concern for years. A quick google search will prove the growing decline and disinterest with current award shows. So, I created a way for fans to play a significant role in getting their favorite artists honored. And simultaneously award more than a handful of celebrities.

In truth, the odds are against me as a young adult, a person of color, and a newcomer to the entertainment industry. Yet, I believe in the impact I can make with this project and my many others. I've spent 1,200 hours on this project, working on it 14 hours a day. Success with this project would allow me to give life to the others that I had to shelve.

Essentially, I would be stepping into this industry unknown and soon become well-known. If done correctly, in a matter of months profit will be made. The entertainment industry is the only industry that has the most loyal and devoted fans. These are fans who want to be noticed by their role models and to support them in everything. By fulfilling this honest desire, it will do right by the fans and the celebrities, which opens the door to future opportunities. 

The ideal investor for me to work with has extensive connections with music artists, actors, and actresses. This project centers around them and gives them the chance to know they're appreciated and admired. Most importantly, keeping 100% equity/ownership is my number one goal. For future projects, I may have a different stance. But, with this one, I have been able to use a mixture of all my gifts. Creating, designing, planning, organizing, researching, documenting, etc. This project has my signature all over it, and it would be a strong factor that makes me stand out against others in the business industry and the entertainment industry. 

If you are interested in supporting me on my journey, I'd greatly appreciate your help. There are many more aspects to do this idea but, I will save the details for when you reach out.

Thank you for your time!

Mr. Omar

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