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More Than Only (MTO - See Note #1 below) is a 501(c)(3) film and media company that was established in 2021 after producing the LGBTQIA+ romantic comedy feature film by the same title that became a viral hit on YouTube.


  • MTO is currently comprised of a board of three directors that have organized and pursued the current/future film projects, VOD platform development and property acquisition.
  • The founder self-funded the LGBTIA+ feature film, More Than Only (MTO). It was originally posted to YouTube in 2020. As of May 1, 2022, the film, the six subsequent sequel episodes, along with other posts, has reached over 3.5 million cumulative views.


To fund, produce and sponsor media that supports and accurately represents the LGBTQIA+ community to an audience consisting of:

·         Primary: The LGBTQIA+ community that is seeking to be entertained, uplifted, informed, and represented.

·         Secondary: The non-LGBTQIA+ community seeking a platform that provides entertainment, as well as a learning environment that supports the LGBTQIA+ community.


1. The successful funding, production and promotion of 7+ LGBTQIA+ films, videos and related merchandise.

2. The initial development of a video on demand streaming (VOD) platform for LGBTQIA+ related media.

3. Analyzing the acquisition of a property to build a large, multi-use soundstage (approx. 100'x40') and accompanying parking area for cast and crew trailers.

Utilizing Patreon, PayPal and private donations, MTO has raised $90,000. These sources of funding continue in our efforts to produce further films in the original MTO series.

ANNUAL BUDGET PROJECTIONS FOR PRODUCTION COMPANY AND PLATFORM:  (Including initial build and set up costs for 2022)


VOD Platform
Development (Approximately  3 months) | $120,000
Launch/Maintenance | $12,000

Land Excavation/Parking lot | $100,000
Sound Stage build | $500,000
Electric/Wiring | $100,000

Staffing/Office Maintenance
1 Full time staff: Management of VOD & Sound stage Acquisition of content & Maintenance | $48,000
2 Part time staff: Accounting/payroll Acquisition of content & Maintenance | $48,000
1 Part time staff:  Technical assistant for film crews Set Design/construction| $50,000
Office Maintenance/Utilities/ programing /Copier & Maintenance/ Internet/phone/Paper/Work supplies | $22,000


Films and Videos:
·         Films 7 – 9 to complete the Original “More Than Only” story
·         Original Feature film “In every lifetime” and LGBT romantic comedy.
·         Acquisition of original scripts, short & feature films, Documentaries, Pod Casts for consideration for production.
·         Acquisition of produced works for placement on VOD service and platform

VOD platform:
·         Develop a reliable/stable online platform that will be free to visit and view with advertising.
·         A platform free to upload content from creators with monetization far above the current YouTube standards, approx. 0.5 per 1000 views, based on multiple and complex trends and issues.

·         Located in Clackamas County Oregon off a secluded back road surrounded by old growth trees.

·         This is a highly sought-after location by both local and out of state film production companies.  

·         The site would boast (NOT available in most locations in Oregon) the ability to park all needed cast and crew trailers and to film both indoors and outdoors at the same location.

·         OMPA (Oregon Media Production Association) and Oregon Film have already indicated interest. (*See Note #2 below with the attached aerial view of the property.)



VOD Platform Launch & Customers:

·         A frequently updated online streaming service that solicits and uploads media in all forms and supports the LGBTQIA+ community.

·         Current website/platform will transition ????

·         A regularly visiting, constantly growing viewing audience with advertising,

·         A regularly visiting, advertising-free area for a "members only” viewing audience.

Soundstage Development/Construction & Customers

·         Property acquisition

·         Cost effectively develop and build an easy to use/access property for in and out of state film production companies

·         Also, to be used internally by MTO and OCCT (See Note #4 below)

·         External use will be ideally driven by the larger film production supervision companies (OMPA & Oregon Film) and the many smaller/local production companies.

·         Cost effectively hosts out of state companies and individuals in the growing Oregon market and supported by Oregon legislature (See Note #3 below) To date multiple large films and television series have chosen Oregon as a production site but the availability of an area that can provide an indoor sound stage, an outdoor filming area and a trailer/equipment parking area is not yet a reality in Oregon.



1. More Than Only, the original LGBTQIA+ romantic comedy feature film that launched a production company.

2. Entirety of the property is a privately owned ranch. The owners have offered this section (outlined in orange) of their 160+ acre ranch for exclusive use to More Than Only as a film production company site. The trees are in the removal as of this posting and the building project could begin this summer.

Aerial film produciton property 2.jpg 210.84 KB

3. OCCT: (Oregon City Children’s Theatre:  WWW.OCCTHEATRE.ORG) The founder of MTO is also the volunteer founder and director of OCCT. A 501 (c) (s) organization that began in 2005. This program serves the youth in the community by offering theatre arts  to anyone regardless of past experience. This program is in the process of expanding to include a performing arts charter school in the community. Through these programs there will be a cross over between the two programs to include immersion into film community experiences.


4. The “Oregon Production Investment Fund” (OPIF) offers qualifying film or television productions a 20% cash rebate on production-related goods and services paid to Oregon vendors and a 10% cash rebate of payroll wages paid for work done in Oregon including both Oregon and non-Oregon residents. The labor portion of this rebate can be combined with the Greenlight Oregon program for an effective labor rebate of 16.2%. A production must directly spend at least US $1million in Oregon to qualify. There is no per production cap.

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