MOOWNS a modern ownership experience!

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Imagine owning a home and knowing absolutely EVERYTHING about that home in a simple to use/navigate app?

MOOWNS is the first and only integrated SaaS application and marketplace that automates the ownership experience. MOOWNS is a modern ownership experience for builders, vendors, and owners. This is an app that will bring construction into the modern era. 

Our Team has over 40  years of combined experience in the construction/technology industry. We have spent over a year building out the business model and plan. We have done studies and worked with an economic developer to gather our findings/facts. And although the technology was ready years ago for something like this, construction was not. We know now from our findings that the industry is ready to take on this app and make homeownership fun and easy.

Due to the nature of this business and it's being the first of its kind we are protecting the information. However, we would gladly pitch our deck with an NDA per legal counsel.

We look forward to talking with you soon!



Ps. Ask us about our name, we would love to share.

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