Moose Tracks Events, LLC

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We are a brand new events company committed to providing high end events for both social and corporate needs. We are also dedicating ourselves to a mission of also giving back for veterans and conservation efforts. 

Serving as a corporate Vice President, I’ve been in the destination management business for almost 25 years. I have 3 people who have worked with me in two previous organizations who are ready and committed to come on board as soon as I can afford them.  All are from previous prestigious organizations that represent millions in business. We have connections to the best supplier partners locally, regionally and nationally for the MidAtlantic, California, Florida, Chicago and Georgia to start. 

 For years clients and colleagues have pushed me to start my own business.  I finally want to take that jump and bring my “work family” on this journey. Besides wanting to be successful in all we do, I think it’s important to dedicate a philanthropic mission into our quest for success. It demonstrates the heart and soul that’s often missing in the events business. We just executed our first program that was dedicated to a veterans appreciation program. It was so successful that the client has committed this program to grow and be operated by us quarterly and  indefinitely moving forward. It was even covered by the press and news broadcasts! 

I have spent years running National multimillion dollar companies. Now, I want to create one of OUR own.  I want to provide my work family the security for years to come as well as do amazing work. All while providing for some amazing causes and making those part of our story. 

Over the years, this team and I have produced some off the hook events all over the country. It’s time to go big or go home! We want to create something no one has seen before. The industry is ready. Every day, I talk to some of the people that represent millions in annual event spending. They are sick of the cookie cutter. It’s time to show them “what’s off the beaten path” 

Our company tagline is : Moose Tracks Events: Experiences off the beaten path 

Please help us realize our dream while doing some good for our veterans and wildlife conservation! 

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