Moods Canna

Growth capital needed for a fast growing cannabis brand with novel IP and multi-state potential.

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Moods is a cannabis (THC) brand offering vape cartridges infused with mood-setting natural oils.  We are the first in the world to infuse nutrients into a cannabis vape. Our current products are effects based with our daytime blend containing B-12 and Ginseng, and nighttime with passionflower and chamomile, as well as a proprietary terpene blend to be delicious and promote the relative desired effect. We are selling well in dispensaries across Oklahoma and are in need of growth capital to scale in OK. We also have connections to expand into new markets ASAP with further funding.  To be clear, we have an exceptional product, yet we are primarily building a brand with intrinsic value of its own that will make us all a tremendous amount of money. We are looking for a capital partner to accelerate our growth. We are very competent individuals with our CEO being a veteran of the Colorado marijuana market, and COO a chemical engineer/MBA . Please feel free to contact me for more information and let’s jump on a Zoom soon. Thank you. ig: @moodscanna

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