Money Run

Raising 300k to launch innovative running app with equity

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An innovative running app that motivates runners of every level with the gamification of the sport through monetary rewards.
1. User participates in a Trial Run to determine their skill level.
2. Money Run connects them with a global network of similarly skilled runners.
3. The user starts a competition by engaging their friends, or joining one, initiated by Money Run, paying the entry fee from the MR balance.
4. After running in the race during the scheduled time or duration, the winner is awarded Money Pot. 
5. The user can share their achievements with the Money Run community and receive praise and encouragement from others.
6. Over time, the user grows their skill level, participating in tougher challenges- earning more income, and achieving their fitness goals.
7. Money Run enables users to distribute winnings as they wish, including their desired charity.

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