Money Mastery Personal Financial System

Proven product and service needing marketing funding to grow subscriber base from 1000 to 10,000, and then leverage a sale of the company or asset at an acceptable multiple.

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A financial literacy Limited Liability Company wishing to expand increase membership in its well developed and proven Money Mastery System/app, and online presence, using aggressive national marketing .  Website  Online subscription program at Basic version $4.95 per month, Select version at $19.95 per month.  Annual payments available at a 20%  discount.  We need  funding of $500,000 to  buyout existing shareholders except the Manager,  and fund marketing and sales to a 10,000 subscriber level at and average $10 per month per subscriber.  The historical subscriber life is 16 months.  

We thereafter plan to leverage  a sale at an attractive multiple.  One year or less to  reach 10,000 monthly subscribers.  Exit plan not to exceed 3 years.
Money Mastery is a federally registered trademark.

The Money Mastery Program is unique in the financial literacy marketplace;  it is a holistic, 10 Principle based method of building wealth by managing cash flow better,  using tools and techniques such that when practiced, help  families get out of debt in 8-10 years including their 30 year mortgage, have savings every month, reduce stress, and have typically $300,000 more for retirement.  The Money Mastery Program works every time, and does so without risk!  It is applicable at all levels of income, fixed and variable. 

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