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Raising $1 million to build a personal budget/finance mobile app

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My name is Jackie Robinson, Founder of Monetary Bliss. The idea of this Financial Mobile app comes from a 20 plus year career in the banking industry and assisting people from all walks of life suffer financially in some form due to mismanagement of finances, not being able to adequately prepare for the future, or constantly seeing their hard earned money go to unnecessary, avoidable bank fees. I knew there had to be an effective tool that would remove the complexity, stress and fear from managing finances for anyone, whether they are living paycheck to paycheck or making decent money, yet lack the discipline in managing it. I personally  have tried numerous finance apps over the years and there still is not one individual app that can effectively offer full transparency of one's finances, so I have dedicated the past 5 years working on such an app in an effort to make financial planning fool proof for anyone.

 Monetary Bliss is a Financial Planner and Document Storage tool in one.  It is designed to show Users their True Available Balance; exactly how much they have to available to spend each day, each week, each pay period  up to 20 years in advance after paying scheduled bills, expenses, and contributions to any savings and debt reduction goals, and live transactions (not including unforeseen expenses).  Click on any day in the future to see how much is available to spend, the projected balance of any savings goals they have set, how much they will have paid down on any debt, and any bills due. Enter any potential transaction to see how it will affect future finances before you make it.  Monetary Bliss will continuously provide suggestions and tips on potential wasteful spending, where to best apply any extra savings, proactive information regarding retirement such as when it is time to withdraw from RMD, and much more helpful information. 

In addition, Monetary Bliss is a safe haven for your important information and documents.  No more scrolling through your camera roll or fumbling through drawers and file cabinets when you need access to a document fast. Securely store pictures of your identification, legal, insurance, and tax documents, information about your health, auto, home, pets, after life planning, and more.

Monetary Bliss also serves as an education and retirement planner, budgeting tool, net worth tracker, credit card rewards tracker, and so much more, all while offering daily encouragement to give Users a nugget of inspiration to help them confidently take control of their financial future.

The app is free to download and $9.99 a month for premium features.

I hope you find this information valuable and I thank you in advance for your time.

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