Modern Remedy

Modern Healing, Intentional Wellness: Seeking $300k to fuel our mission and elevate the lives of our community.

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Modern Remedy, LLC (referred to as "Modern Remedy" or "the Company") is a thriving and successful holistic wellness club in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Founded in 2022 by visionary entrepreneur and industry veteran Melissa Brown, this thriving holistic wellness club has seamlessly combined ancient remedies, healing practices, and luxurious medical aesthetic services to cater to professionals, athletes and health-conscious individuals in Scottsdale. Since its inception, Modern Remedy has rapidly cultivated a substantial clientele, transforming the facility into a sanctuary known for its innovative approach and excellent service delivery.
Under Brown's astute leadership, the Company has solidified its status as the number one destination for those seeking a transformative environment, where therapeutic and aesthetic wellness services are tailored to meet all types of individual needs. These offerings currently include the likes of therapeutic bodywork, minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, cold plunge experiences, sound healing, infrared sauna sessions, and an array of other cutting-edge wellness modalities.
Fueled by its success, Modern Remedy now seeks to expand into a larger, more spacious location in North Scottsdale, to broaden its wide variety of services.
Currently housed within a 2,000-square-foot facility, the Company has set its sights on relocating to a larger 10,000-square-foot building. As part of this expansion, Modern Remedy will introduce medical concierge services to further demonstrating its commitment to providing unparalleled holistic experiences.
Above all, with its steadfast dedication to unmatched holistic experiences and a strategic growth vision, Modern Remedy is confident in its ability to continue leading the Health and Wellness Spas market in Scottsdale.
Capital Raise
To achieve its full potential, Modern Remedy requires a capital investment of $300,000, which will be allocated towards purchasing a property and working capital for operations.

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