MoBo Entertainment

Raising funds to produce and obtain content to grow streaming service.

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MoBo is a minority owned streaming service now on all major platforms including Roku, FireTV, AppleTV & AndroidTV. We've also just wrapped on our first MoBo original film "The Big Adventures of Lil' Slick".
Checkout the trailer at - Providing independent content providers a worldwide platform to share their visions with no strings or red tape. 

Market Size
As more viewers cut the cord OTT is growing rapidly with over $100 Billion in revenue in 2020.

Market Growth

It is estimated that by 2025, it will be a $500 Billion industry.

SVOD, we will make profits via subscribers. We will also make profits via AVOD on TV Series.

We have acquired the domain name, launched the site, and acquired our first 100 customers proving out the demand.
As an Independent Filmmaker, after making my first film I was so excited... until I began looking for distribution. I eventually found distribution, but the process was arduous I didn't want to make any more films. I thought there has to be a better way, but I couldn't find one... so after some time and consideration I decided to create one. It wasn't easy, but I put a plan together to start my own Streaming Service. A year later MoBo was launched!   

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