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Seeking $150K to develop a mobile fleet/vehicle asset management system/app to diagnose, track, and monitor driver behavior to enhance operational efficiency and maximize ROI.

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Dear Potential Investor,

We are requesting funding in the amount of $150,000 to develop a cutting-edge mobile fleet/vehicle asset management system/app. This system will revolutionize the way organizations diagnose, track, and monitor driver behavior, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing return on investment (ROI).

Mobile Applications Dynamics (M.A.D.), is a leading provider of Technical Operations Solutions and Managed Services Programs. At M.A.D., we specialize in crafting innovative technology applications for mobile field solutions and business solutions. With a wealth of expertise in IT, Telecom, Fleet Management, Acquisition, and Mobile Field Technology, our team is committed to delivering top-notch solutions with a strong focus on enhancing the customer experience. We proudly proclaim ourselves as "The One Stop Shop For Your Vehicle Needs!"

Our proposed business model centers around the specialization of Mobile Field Asset Management (MFAM). This comprehensive approach utilizes mobile technology and software applications to manage and maintain assets, such as cars, trucks, and people, located in the field. Through our M.A.D. Consumer Program, MFAM solutions provide individuals with the tools they need to remotely track, monitor, and manage their vehicles, ensuring proper maintenance, servicing, and utilization. In addition, our M.A.D. Commercial Program caters to field technicians, supervisors, and managers by offering them remote asset tracking, monitoring, and management tools. This enables organizations to optimize asset maintenance, streamline field operations, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our M.A.D. Onsite Mechanic Program, a partnership initiative with Local Mobile Mechanics. This program aims to support our M.A.D. Consumer Program by offering additional services, including an online garage account for invoicing customers, an easy-to-use work order process flow, and the capability to perform all tasks in the field using a laptop, tablet, iPhone, or Android device.

With the requested funding of $150,000, we will be able to develop and launch our mobile fleet/vehicle asset management system/app, further solidifying our position as industry leaders in the field of mobile technology solutions.

We believe that our project presents a unique opportunity for investment, with the potential for significant returns in the rapidly growing market of mobile field asset management. We are confident in our ability to deliver a high-quality product that will meet the needs of our target customers and drive value for our investors.

Thank you for considering our funding request. We are eager to discuss our project in more detail and explore potential partnership opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience.

Catraune Bellinger
Principle Owner #1
Mobile Applications Dynamics (M.A.D.)
[email protected]

Ken Whitcomb
Principal Owner #2
Mobile Applications Dynamics (M.A.D.)
[email protected]

To add value, and additional streams of income, we are also introducing the following programs:

M.A.D. Onsite Mechanic Program, for a small monthly fee, M.A.D. is partnering with Local Mobile Mechanics in support of our M.A.D. Consumer Program, which will include, additional business from M.A.D.’s Consumer Program, an online garage account for invoicing customers, an easy-to-use work order process flow, and the capability of performing all tasks in the field using a laptop, tablet, iPhone, or Android device.

M.A.D. School Bus Program, M.A.D. has developed an innovative program that aims to improve the safety of our school children, by monitoring, school bus locations, driver behavior, and school bus engine diagnostics. The dual-facing safety cameras provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that any incidents are recorded and reviewed. For more details, please do not hesitate to go to
M.A.D. Transporting Program (In progress), M.A.D. is hiring independent transporters, to complete requests from senders. M.A.D. will take on the role of the Brokering company in this process and has a system in place to document and track each step in the process and allow the transporter to be able to fill out a B.O.L. directly on our M.A.D website.

M.A.D. Vehicle Leasing Program (Coming soon), M.A.D. will be purchasing 5 to 10 vehicles to be used as loaner vehicles for commercial or consumer customers. Each vehicle will be equipped with M.A.D. ‘s vehicle management solution, which consist of the following:  GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics alerts, vehicle maintenance service alerts, and vehicle behavior alerts, to be able to manage these vehicles while they are being used in the field and allow future Consumer customers to be able to experience the M.A.D. experience while using the loaner.

M.A.D. Towing Program (In progress), M.A.D. is partnering with Tow companies throughout the United States, to support our Consumer and Commercial programs. M.A.D. will take on the role of the Brokering company in this process and will request either a monthly fee or a percentage of each tow for this service.

M.A.D. Solar Program (In progress), As M.A.D. prepares for its expansive consumer market across the United States, it's teaming up with solar panel companies nationwide to reach our customers.  Acting as the brokering entity, M.A.D. will manage marketing efforts for this collaboration and will require a monthly advertising fee for its services.
M.A.D. Network marketing Program (In progress), M.A.D. is launching a Network Marketing initiative, commencing in the South and extending nationwide to promote its programs and subscriptions. The Network Marketers sought will embody personal development, effective communication, strong interpersonal abilities, and a positive outlook.


Please let us know if you have any  additional questions. 

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