Proven Event Coordination App. Dynamic QR Code Creation.

Raising $200K for technology updates to enhance a proven and highly successful event coordination platform with massive potential returns!

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Fully proven application that automates charitable and for profit events such as boat, motorcycle "Poker Runs", "Scavenger Hunts" and "Open" events. Proven profitable business case.
We are a Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Company
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In 2016 moTMan Enterprise begin as a startup social media platform with the initial concept of bring couples and families together utilizing APPS. Initial concepts and plans were for three applications (, & In 2018 a friend was severely injured in a motorcycle accident and a decision was made to put together a benefit poker run to help with his bills as he was incapacitated. There were many issues with the manual process and with Thomas Amen's technological background he felt there had to be a way to automate the process. Through much trial and error the Mischief Maker App was created and has been accepted as the default platform for most Poker Run throughout Volusia County Florida.

As the “Social Distancing” App for events we are dedicated to empowering the growing “Mobile Generation” as a one-stop source to centralize all the moving parts associated with event planning, organization, coordination, execution and acting as a digital transformation in the event space. We can offer a secure, reliable, automated applications to create, plan, manage, track, collaborate, and execute events like a pro. Our mobile event apps will boost engagement with attendees and businesses by offering the event coordinator a seamless process for engaging local businesses crating dynamic QR Code technology. This in turn provides the opportunity to easily collaborate with event sponsors in providing a unique event experience for event participants while providing event sponsors and businesses a profitable experience. We offer the ability to promote personalized events, custom communication campaigns, event related reminders, various fee processing and collection capabilities, simplified refund processes, interactive event mapping and guidance capabilities, live content sharing, and automated event functional analysis and reporting. A distinguishing and key part of our service model approach is our partnership with preferred businesses that enables moTMan Enterprises to drive proven foot traffic through those businesses, generating demonstrated incremental revenue for the businesses while delivering desired experience to event participants.

Where We Are

  • Have successfully managed in Volusia County alone  (Proof of concept complete)
    • 215 poker runs
    • Helped raise for local charities over $350,000
    • 1 In store poker run
    • 2 In store scavenger hunt
    • Recently managed the Raynor Strong Benefit Event for the police officer shot in Daytona Beach in July
      • Managed over 550 individual users
      • Raised $8,500 from the Poker Run Event and overall more than $25,000 for the officer.
  • Have 250 locations currently signed up
    • Accounts pay $10 monthly subscription fees for Dynamic QR Code
    • 3 accounts pay $150 monthly banner add fees
    • 1 negotiation with an attorney to have exclusive banner add and brand inclusion paying $600 monthly
  • Have OVER 5,000 local users in Volusia county Florida
  • One external event (Initial proof this is a nation wide app)
    • Boat poker run in Bismarck North Dakota
      • 233 people participated
      • We were hands off (only sent t-shirts)


We have proven that the concept and business model is valid in a small geographical area (Volusia county, Florida). The next steps are focused on expansion throughout the country.
  • Creation (completion) of the Portal
    • User Login
    • Manage Loki Point
    • Ability to Create & manage local events (for a fee)
      • This takes us Nationwide
  • Creation (completion) of in app credit card processing
    • Complete the Handsfree experience (Social Distancing)  
  • Creation of user/event/advertainment geographical location transition
  • Rebranding of the App (Franchising)


  • Individual Users Benefit
    • They now have a one stop shop for local activates
    • As they move though the country local events they can participate in come into view while events further away drop off (Future)
    • Will be able to search all events by zip code (Future)
  • Event Coordinators
    • Ability to create and customize their local events (Current & Future)
    • No longer needed resources at locations (QR Code Based)
    • Ability to create and print QR Codes
    • Ability to create and print tickets
    • Ability to accurately track activity results
  • Local Businesses
    • Custom QR codes based on Facebook Page, Website, Custom PDF’s
    • Allows company coordinators to create activities (poker runs, scavenger hunts, open events, etc)
      • Increased and Trackable increase of foot traffic = increased sales
    • Ability to advertise:
      • Upcoming events
      • Menu’s
      • Discounts
    • Be part of a network of local business that share the same interests


All of the information below is from one small county (Volusia) in Florida
  • Over 150  events organized in 2019/2020/2021. 
  • Over 7,400 individuals have participated in events
  • Over $350,000.00 Raised for charitable events
  • During 2021
    • App guided over 2,200 individual participants though 150 locations
      • Almost 8,000 individual transactions at locations were generated
      • Over $72,000 raised for the event locations
      • 58% of event participates executed a transaction
      • Average Sales were 9.21 per transactions
      • Average sales of $237.00 per location at each event
Information collected and refined during execution has enabled moTMan to scale the market opportuning within the top five motorcycle owning states (CA, FL, TX, OH and PA)
  • 195MM opportunity for Event Sponsors
  • 206MM opportunity for incremental sales to preferred business partners
moTMan perceives an opportunity to capture a part of the commercial opportunity available in these markets
  • Fee per event charged to Event Sponsors
  • Fixed percentage of Large Event sponsor proceeds
  • Per moth subscription fees of preferred business partners
  • A per participant event fee to preferred business partners
  • A per month advertising fee to adverting business partners
  • Sales of various apparel and gear.
moTMan’s targeted rollout to achieve full performance capability and revenue generation capacity in the five targeted states includes
  • 12-month targets include expanding to the 37 counties within Florida that are represented by at least one Harley-Davidson dealership,
  • Attainment of these goals will result in a projected annual revenue of $7MM in FL,
  • 24-month target include completing rollout to 53 counties within California that are represented by at least one Harley-Davidson dealership,
  • Attainment of these goals will result in a projected annual revenue of $10MM in CA,
  • 36-Month target includes completing the rollout to TX, OH, and PA in counties that are represented by at least one Harley-Davidson dealership, and
  • Attainment of these goals will result in a projected annual revenue of $16MM in TX, OH, and PA

To attain these near-term goals in FL, in 2020 moTMan must ramp up to execute on the following performance objectives:
  • Engage 50% of the population of motorcycle owners,
  • To participate in 3 events per year,
  • Negotiating 2,000 preferred business partner subscriber agreements,
  • Negotiate 2,000 advertising agreements, and
  • Thereby organizing, directing, and executing 17.8K events (i.e. 344 events per week).
moTMan’s projected costs to operate primarily include:
  • Costs for event coordination labor to execute each event (est. $50 per event),
  • Costs to sell and negotiate subscriber agreements (est. $150 per agreement),
  • Costs to sell and negotiate advertising agreements (est. $150 per agreement), and
  • Costs for administration and management (est. $950K annually).
At completion of the full rollout and ramp up, the projected revenues and expense moTMan anticipates result in an EBITDA of $4.5MM on revenues of $33MM.

The risks to moTMan’s ability to deliver on its strategic plan are those risks that interfere with rollout and adoption progress. More specifically:
  • Inability to adequately find, train, or incentivize Event Coordinators,
  • Inability to achieve desired adoption rates within the motorcycle community,
  • Inability to drive participation in multiple events per year,
  • Inability to negotiate subscriber contracts at appropriate partner establishments,
  • Inability to deliver technological form and function required by participants and partners, and
  • Inability to maintain high levels of technological availability and performance.


  • Thomas (moT) Amen - 24 years experience as a entrepreneur, software developer, project manager and program manager for company's like Northrup Grumman and FedEx
  • Martin Amen - 30 years experience in managing large software projects and people and currently VP of Operations for Cubic Corporation. 


In the future, Mischief Maker expects to cater to a wide variety of events, including conventions, special interest (e.g. scavenger hunts, wine walks, off-road adventure tours, boating functions, etc.), and teen social groups. The versatility of the Mischief Maker app and the underlying moTMan platform also allow for services to one-off clients who wish to create custom events.
It’d be our pleasure to discuss moTMan Enterprises, Mischief Maker, our strategic goals and objectives, our capital structure, and how we can work with your team to accomplish great things through our respective organizations!


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