Miriam's Well

Funding needed for in patient addiction recovery center and properties that will be used for transitional housing.

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Miriam's Well is a local Non Profit assisting women and children in Domestic Violence situations, focusing on self reliance including but not limited to trauma counseling, addiction recovery and employment skills.  The mission of Miriam's Well is to end the cycle of Domestic Violence. We have found that the majority of women coming through our services are battling addiction issues.   Abuse and addiction go hand in hand and we have found that we cannot address the issue of Domestic Violence with out addressing the issue of addiction. There is a lack in resources for addiction recovery in our area and we are striving to acquire property that can house an inpatient addiction recovery facility/in patient trauma therapy facility as well as housing with in the complex for transitional housing where our clients are able to safely live and learn self reliance skills while recovering. Once they have completed our on site programs or are found to be able to handle housing off site we would have transitional housing at low rent to help facilitate a smooth transition. . We have located the perfect  property that would be amazing for this, we just need help to make it happen! We are small but we help families every day with emergency shelter, life coaching, etc. I started this myself funding it from my cleaning company that I started at the same time,  While the non profit does not make much other than what we can do for fundraising, the cleaning company helps provide funds as a portion of proceeds go to fund Miriam's Well.  If you would like more information please feel free to reach out even if it is just to give advice, we are grateful for any support you can give. 

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