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Raising $10,000 for marketing of my new product.

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We handcraft Tactical Furniture and ship all over the world. The funding we are asking for is to market our most exciting product yet. We have invented a remote controlled operating Whiskey Barrel Cabinet with 5 different models to choose from. Below is the funding and the return described. This is a video of the prototype whiskey barrel that we invented.  https://youtu.be/11NwEhn5t8M
Since 2015 when the company was started we have already shipped our products to customers in every state and 5 international countries. With the focus on guns, and gun storage the timing of our business is perfect. Our production team is working together great with years of experience.  Below is what we have in mind for investment.

Investing in Whiskey Barrel Invention


The Whiskey Barrel is a hot item and can yield a great return. The process we need to make this successful is.

1.       Photos
2.       Videos
3.       Materials needed to Build all the Skus
4.       Trademark the Barrel
5.       Advertising on Google, Duck Duck go


I think if we get great photos, videos, and I can talk to my Nascar peeps we could really boost sales.

My thought process for you is this.  I will lay out the numbers to help you understand what I am talking about. 



This is the Full Production Cost to and including materials and labor


1.       Whiskey Barrel
2.       Remote Control/ Motor
3.       Steel
4.       Misc Materials (Bolts, nuts, bearings, Etc.)
5.       Refrigeration ($450) Only in the refrigerator Model

Total Cost  $775






1.       Barrel Prep 
2.       Fabricate Steel
3.       Assembly

Total Cost $350


So Total cost for full production is $1,125.00


These numbers are inflated and have room to improve. This is a worst-case scenario for cost. 


Barrel Retail Pricing is as followed.

Humidor “Smoking Barrel”                                                          $2,876.00

Safe                                                                                                       $2,976.00

Wine Bar                                                                                             $2,676.00

Whiskey Bar                                                                                       $2,676.00

Refrigerator (Coming SOON)                                                      $3,476.00


If we offer Free shipping the max would be $350


So, the following is the profit margin after all costs. 


Humidor                                                                                              $1,401.00

Safe                                                                                                       $1,501.00

Wine Bar                                                                                             $1,201.00

Whiskey Bar                                                                                       $1,201.00

Refrigerator                                                                                       $1,901.00



My Idea is this for an investment.  If you invested $10,000 for us to help us make this product successful, then our idea is to pay you 25% of the profit back for every barrel we sell until the $10,000 is paid off. After the Loan is paid off then we will pay you 25% for every barrel. The 25% payoff will continue for 6 months.  Below is What you will be paid per barrel. 





25% Commission                                                                                                             Number of Barrels to Sell

Humidor                                                              $350.00                                                                 29                                           

Safe                                                                       $375.25                                                                 27

Wine/Whiskey                                                 $300.25                                                                 34

Refrigerator                                                       $475.25                                                                 21


Our Projected sales after we have the photos and videos are 10 barrels a month. I propose that we do a 6-month term. Timing on the term is if we started this investment at the beginning of February 2021 and the timing to have the photos and videos ready then we could have start date of April 1, 2021.  So in reality we have 8 months to get your return and make a great profit. 



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