Film Trilogy ready to go! 100% owned and trademarked with one owner; named Actors, and p.g.a Producers attached! Ready to be funded to inspire the world!

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A Music Drama Film Trilogy. - MiNDCHATTER  has  all original music that guides our story.  The legendary "Sheila E" is attached, along with a multicultural credited cast. At a  time when mental health is paramount, I stand firm in the possibility of this Trilogy inspiring a difference. The MiNDCHATTER  narrative opens up human curiosities that lead to identifying the voices in our heads.. Choosing to become one with the whispering intuition holds the key to all understanding. Our beginning. 

"Who Are YOU Listening To?"

MiNDCHATTER POC Trailer (Point of Character)

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MiNDCHATTER: GENESiS (Part 1) is no longer seeking funding.