80% increase of power from solar with our patented Solar tracking system and Solar EV fast charger.

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Manufacturing of patented Solar tracking systems and Solar EV quick chargers.  New funding needed to scale up manufacturing in NM.  With $300k funding  and 5 years of design so far, we have a 6th gen patented working sun tracking prototype now ready to market. Our prototype Solar tracking system works like no other system ever developed.  We have come up with a way to track both X and Y axis with one motor.  The super efficient patented sun tracking system  combined with patent pending  reflected bifacial colector, make our Solar tracking and Solar EV chargers number one in pay off time "out of the box". With up to 80% more power generation in the same time and space as other systems , we are primed for market domination. Soon to be patented proprietary sun tracking software controls the super efficient system with zero input (short of power on). System will self orientate to the sun with out any extra anything, no matter it's placement. This allows for ease of design and cuts down on installation labor. Oh and it looks amazing.

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