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Raising Working capital for Doctors Nurses and Councilors for the Treatment Centre

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I am opening an Addiction Treatment Centre to help individuals free themselves from addiction. It is called Metamorphosis Centre for Change.  Our website can be found at  We treat the underlying causes that brought them to addiction in the first place.  Addiction has multipled 10 times pre pandemic, it is taking more lives than ever before and unlike covid 19 it can be treated.  We are leasing a 20,000 sf facility that was once a hotel and now being repurposed to be used as a recovery Centre for Individuals with behavioral and substance abuse issues.  This facility will be one of the best equipped treatment facilities around because of the fact it was once a hotel. So that means private rooms and everyone gets there own washroom and no cold showers! The full commercial kitchen is perfect for creating beautiful meals for our guests.  Our program consists of a combination of Group therapy, one on one sessions with Councilors and Psychotherapists, regular exercise, nutritious food and serene surroundings.  We have a long list of Qualified staff a lot of which are recovered addicts themselves, and know first hand how to recover from addiction.  We have Doctors that have worked in this industry for many years and are currently working at the the top 3 facilities in Ontario, and are available to asses clients on arrival.  Medically  assisted withdrawal is available for those that require it.  We have a wonderful aftercare program to increase the success of our clients recovery.  We are working with a referral company that has been operating for 12 years in the industry they place on average 15 clients a month to Ontario treatment centres.  At the moment treatment centres in Ontario are fully booked and have a waiting list so we shouldn't have problems filling ours bed in the first month.  We have a marketing team working on Google ads and social media posts weekly as well as SEO.    We are also working side by side with a non profit organization who places people in private treatment.   Our goal is to have competitive prices and offer more program than our competitors  our intent is high success rate and low repeat customers.  

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