Merriment Recreation Neighborly Oasis LLC

Raising funds to complete a project that is already well on it's way to completion

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A fresh approach to the Digital Media Services industry. Specializing in Indie Game Development, we entertain through multiple avenues which cross-promote for one another.
Gaming is by far the highest-grossing entertainment industry and eSports in particular are on-pace to grow past $1.5B in revenue by 2023.  Once our current game is complete, it will initially be released on PC for $9/download.  After this it can be ported to several different consoles along with iOS and Android.  With minimal work different costumes, maps, characters, etc can be amended to the game at a cost per download.  Working off of a game created by our founder which received high praise from notable members of the Fighting Game Community, a full team has created a demo with professional art, animation, and music that really takes it to the next level and with a little more hours put in can be finished up and very marketable.  Founder Paul Marino has been making games since he was 12-years-old when he learned the programming language Qbasic is 2002.  From there he has learned many fundamentals of development while simultaneously becoming a professional-level gamer.  Working as a standout in the food-and-beverage industry for 10 years, he decided to go all-in when lockdowns hit back in March, forming the company in April 2020.  Incredible animator Jonny Ashley is on board for the artistic side and will continue working once funded.  This duo is capable of creating the next staple in people's homes and tournaments alike

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