MERDE Magazine

Raising $10K to fund our next 2 ad free issues.

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A biannual satirical niche fashion magazine, MERDE seeks to disrupt common narratives of mainstream publications such as glossy images, and big brand advertisements.
MERDE Started in Paris, France and includes a team of geographically dispersed creative individuals including locations: Milan, Italy, Paris, France, New York, New York and Berlin, Germany.
MERDE is distributed across 3 continents in more than 6 countries: check out our stockists.
A publication with reflexive intuitions, MERDE aims to satisfy fashion’s postmodern desire for unconventional and subversive text and imagery.
We only feature "slow fashion" such as up-cycled designers, vintage and consignment retailers, and feature humor based articles.
Because we are big brand advertisement free, we are looking for investors that support our vision and resonate with our ethos.
With a $10K investment, we can compensate our team and contributors (models, photographers, stylists, writers, etc) fairly for their talent, distribute to more locations, and grow our digital presence, thus increasing sales and visibility.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Please don't hesitate too reach out to the Founder and Creative Director Molly Apple for a full investment deck presentation.

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MERDE Magazine is no longer seeking funding.