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Project Funding: $1M to startup a niche Veteran owned cannabis microbusiness offering unique 1-of-a-kind strains

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MERAKII (May-rah-kee)
Definition - to place all of your love, soul, and creativity into something 

During my 8 year's in Iraq/Afghanistan I discovered a land race strain in the middle of the Hindu Kush at the mouth of the Taliban Trail while working under a secret security clearance for the Dept. of State in support of USACE. After returning home to Michigan, battered and broken, and through the struggle I self-publishing a book about my story.  

I have researched and developed these genetics for the last 7 years.  My goal is to offer unique genetic cultivars and superior patient support to Veterans and alike (firefighters, medics, health care professionals, etc.) in Michigan, along with their families to receive the best medicine and aftercare they need and deserve.

This has always been a sole mission, and it is time now to grow this into a Michigan cannabis microbusiness that offers unique cultivar strains, along with direct patient care for Veterans (and others who may suffer from similar symptoms) that gives the customer a direct connection to their medicine, their care, and to whom they trust to offer them professionally certified cannabis coaching and consulting to. These are just the beginning opportunities for a Veteran owned cannabis microbusiness which offers Clean Green Certified terpene and cannabinoid rich cultivars and impeccable quality control using a grow platform that uses self-sustaining and ecofriendly organic growing methods, regulatory compliance, quality and environmental stewardship. 

Book on Amazon/Kindle: 

Based in Michigan, Merakii will be the leading provider and researcher of cannabis-based treatment solutions for veterans (and others with similar symptoms) recovering from PTSD and chronic pain in his home state of Michigan. Gage Amsler, owner at Merakii, founded the company after returning from war with a unique genetic he had discovered in Afghanistan high up in the Hindu Kush Mountains. The legacy of the land race strain’s higher-than-average potency coupled with the location in which it was found, inspired Gage to bring these seeds back home to those who need it. 
 Merakii's mission is to work collaboratively with it's many partners to do everything possible to help veterans and their families to receive the best medicine and aftercare they need and deserve. Through our veteran-focused line of products, on-line marketplace, evidence based model of healing, we are committed to supporting the treatment, recovery and health of veteran and first-responder patients and their families.  Our core purpose is to always be there as the trusted guide to the best care, comprehensive services and advanced treatment for all our clients.

Based in Experience 
Merakii's Focus: Veterans and those alike with similar symptoms (First Responders, health care professionals) Using real world experience, we specialize in supporting military veterans, first responders, etc. especially those who suffer from PTSD. 

Mission Critical: Actions not Words 3 
It’s about… ensuring there is access to a consistent supply to the right medicine and alternative therapies It’s about… class-leading products and services that are based on emerging research to treat PTSD It’s about… providing support that goes beyond cannabis treatment to a model of aftercare that provides healing, health and recovery.  We Must Change the Course.

Problem: Need for an evidence-based solution for Trauma/PTSD

PTSD Diagnoses On the Rise
It is estimated by Veterans Affairs Canada that up to 10% of military veterans will experience PTSD 1 and countless veterans suffer from mental health disorders.

Traditional Healthcare Fails Many
There is a significant nonadherence rate with antidepressants2 and a host of side effects that impact response rates including addiction, insomnia, libido loss, and violent impulses.

Medical Cannabis Access is Not Enough
There has been a proliferation of access to medical cannabis via specialty clinics and telemedicine; though aftercare is nearly nonexistent.

Cannabis Producers Don’t Make the Grade
Although access to medical cannabis is plentiful, access to innovative, quality and consistent medical cannabis for veterans does not presently exist in the marketplace.

Quality Medical Cannabis Availability
There has been a proliferation of access to medical cannabis via specialty clinics and telemedicine; though aftercare is nearly nonexistent.

Drive Innovation
With an international research team, we will strive to find what works and why to help all those who suffer from PTSD with an evidence-based approach for the world

Grow Our Culture
Our culture is one of caring, respect and trust where no one is left behind. The VFH team is dedicated to our mission to serve those who served us.

Meet demand
Through a phased approach to business growth VFH and their partners will ensure that veterans have access to the best quality care and medicine, delivered consistently and on time.

Gage’s genetics, although important, are not the only the key to his success. They merely provide a foundation from which to leverage his overall business objective: which is to provide holistic solutions, in an effective manner, that speaks to veterans and their problems. Too many brands clutter the cannabis space without paying attention to niche markets. Veterans and people alike (firefighters, medics, security guards, etc.), make up an underrepresented niche. They too need a community in which to feel a connection within the cannabis industry. 

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