Medical Solutions Ventures Inc

$7 million in revenue in first 12 months - Need to raise $1 million to distribute and manufacture American made time-sensitive medical supplies

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Medical Solutions Ventures (MSV) is successfully bridging the gap within the global supply chain deficit for medical supplies, especially in the PPE space consisting of the new high interest and shortage of masks, sanitizer, gowns, thermometers, etc. In just 7 months, our Medical Supply Manufacturing and Distribution Corporation, Medical Solutions Ventures Inc., has managed to do over $5,500,000 in revenue. 

There is a crazy high demand for these goods and with our reliable freight team, customs expertise, and supply chain logistics, we are able to source and deliver these goods in record times and at great costs.

So far, since our inception in just April 2020, we have:
  • Achieved $7 million+ in revenue, not including active POs for another $1.2 million already active with repeat customers (including having sold already to Tiffany’s, Wynn, Disney, Ernest Packaging) 
  • Moved into an incredible 23,000+ sqft warehouse at 5425 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (
  • Have over 5 employees across the US with 30+ in-house and remote sales contractors
  • Purchased 4 3 ply machines to become US FDA Registered 3 ply mask manufacturers here in Nevada housed in our other facility in Henderson, NV which will allow: 
  • Us to provide faster and quality controlled 3 ply to our vendors
  •  Beat the pricing of overseas 3 ply where they need to factor in shipping/tariff costs 
  • Us to make around 3,000,000 masks/mo started in November 2020
  • Proceeding with an N95 mask machine purchase that will allow us to manufacture and sell our own N95 machines by the end of the year
  • Merged with another entity National PPE that has similar distribution networks as us (once the merger is complete, we should have another 700k+ revenue for the year)
  • Access to over $1,000,000 in PPE inventory through our own warehouse and our close distribution partners
  • Looking to create a PPE dropshipping software that will allow new vendors/brokers in the space (and there are many small ones popping up each day) to be able to move our inventory and establish ourselves as a main PPE player in the space) 
We strongly believe we are poised for a great year with projections to hit $10,000,000+ this year, and access to capital to increase online marketing, advertising, and growth/expansion of our sales team as well as the ability to finance our machinery/manufacturing and provide for reasonable cash flow as we hit unprecedented numbers to provide PPE nationally and eventually globally.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Mubarak Shah, CPA

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