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Looking to raise $250,000 capital to partner with an investor to build guarantee rents through section 8/government program.

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 Investor, the following is a proposal for a partnership in acquiring 50 section 8 SFH in Columbus, Ga 

1) $50K acquisition cost per property.
2) Average rents $850-$950 for 2 and 3 bedroom houses. I am using $850 as an average $850 x 50 (SHR ) = $42,500/month and $510,000 gross annually
3) Interest only 8.5% to the investor $212,500 annually
 4) Operations cost including taxes, insurance, management fees and annual inspection and repairs $2,500/house $125,000 annual 
5) NOI is $172,5006  Investor 25% ownership at the time of sale.

The properties should appreciate over the years.

 The following properties are currently rented on section 8. Acquisition cost $50,000 for each.
1) 38 Ross Ave, Columbus, Ga rented $900 Section 8
2) 2313 6th Ave, Columbus, Ga rent $950 tenant been in the property 20 years
3) 2822 Colorado Street, Columbus, Ga Under contract to purchase $22,000 repairs 27,000. Can rent section 8 for $900/month.
4) 45 Engineer Drive, Columbus, Ga Needs minor repair. Can rent for $900 section 8. Payoff $50,000
5) 151 Munson Drive, Columbus, Ga Needs Minor repair. Can rent section 8 $900.

If you are interested please me call at 678-410-1013 or  email me at [email protected]

 I think this will be a two too two in a half years process. Please give me your thoughts. 

 Thank You
Tracy McGuire

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