McDaniel Tree Services LLC

Raising money to scale and purchase dedicated space for shop and equipment.

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We started in 2016 as a home based part-time business and six months later were able to go full time. We are a full service tree care company providing exceptional service in our field. Our company offers all services in the arbor space, we do not provide lawn care or landscape services. with this business model we have been able to focus on one thing and become one of the best service providers in our area with the customer reviews to match. This has been a 3-4 man crew since inception with the owner providing all back office and customer facing support. 2022 sales were $400K, to date we are over 2 million USD in sales since inception with our current expected annual sales to be $500K.  We have been running operations from a residential space and do not have the facilities to continue to grow or house and properly work on our equipment. We are looking to scale with a full time sales team, second field crew, and office personnel to support the owner in full time operations.

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