MC Oilfield Services LLC

Raising money to purchase existing oilfield company.

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Vacuum truck services, this is a existing company that has been in business since 1980, I am looking to purchase company and continue operations.  The gentleman that owns company is wanting to retire so I wanting to continue the business. It is well established and would be a great opportunity to continue the business. My goal is to have this company's loan paid for within 24 months. It is a income producing business and there is a demand for it in the reign we are located in.  I have employees to run and continue the business already in place and they have been dedicated and are very experienced and knowledgeable. This company will perform all water/salt water and spills associated with the production of the daily oil operations. This company has its own disposal well and ability to maintain itself in house.  The company also has the location to service trucks and keep them maintained and cleaned at its facility sitting on 5 acres which include a wash bay, 2 shops, office location, fueling site, disposal well, storage tanks and lots of misc. parts to continue daily operations. 

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