Maverick Staffing Inc.

Raising $250K to complete Phase 4 of our mobile app for Medical Staffing

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We are a Medical Staffing Agency in Houston, TX. with a "Twist"!  We have been in operations since 2016 and have self funded our web portal and mobile app to this point.  We have generated over $1M in Gross Revenues over the past 2 years and are ready to "Go Live"!  Our goal is to capture a substantial percentage of the Houston medical staffing market and sell our company to the right buyer.  We are ready to launch the Phase 3 portion of our mobile app and need funding to complete Phase 4.  Medical Staffing is a billion dollar industry and we have a secret formula that is proven.  Join us today and lets make the Linkedin sale look small.

We are seeking $250k for a 25% equity share.  We will respect all offers and would like an angel with connections in the Healthcare Industry.

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