Massages on Wheels

Bringing Massage To Your Front door

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Massages on Wheels is massage vehicle that will go to people's homes where they can receive a massage in the mobile vehicle. 
I want to buy a used 14 passenger bus and then convert it to a single use massage facility to ensure the health and safety of my clients.
I have had  my own public office for the last four where I used to see my clients on a regular bases but since COVID 19  my clients are listed in the high risk category which make it difficult for them being in open public places.  This population and their families due to their diagnosis experience high stress and anxiety along with physical discomfort which leads to poor sleep patterns, which in turn creates more stress.
Their need for regular massages is greater than those not being diagnosed with cancer.
This business concept was created is in response to CoViD19 and the fears people are still  now face going to going to a public facility for their massages especially the clientele that I focus as an Oncology massage therapist. 
I have been a massage therapist for twenty years and an Oncology massage therapist for 4 years.
The last 4 years I have been teaching massage therapy at the Massage Institute of Cape Cod , Mass.for the last four years as well.
I desperately would love to help this population but have a tremendous need for funding for the purchase as well as for the interior renovations.
My clients and I will greatly appreciate any help we can receive. 

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