Marlas Mirror

Raising $50k USD, to create a short animated film based on my novel that'll be released by 2025, in order to bring a visual representation to audiences.

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Marla's Mirror is an ambitious multi-platform creative project, poised to develop into a major TV series or a Movie Trilogy. Rooted in a rich narrative foundation laid over four years, it encompasses a novel, a series of prequel comics, and an envisioned animated film, all converging to create a captivating universe.

Project Overview:
  1. Marla's Mirror Novel: Set in a near-futuristic world following a catastrophic event that regresses humanity to the stone ages, this novel explores the resurgence of an antagonistic race of genetically modified humans believed to be extinct. Central to the story is Marla, a young girl with Down syndrome, who awakens in this new reality and embarks on a journey to discover her purpose and confront the looming darkness. This novel sets the stage for a profound narrative, exploring themes of resilience, destiny, and the human spirit.
  2. Marla's Mirror Comics: Serving as a prequel to the novel, the comics delve into the world's pre-lore, providing backstory and depth. They present a unique reading experience, synchronizing with specially composed music to enhance the emotional impact and narrative immersion. This multimedia approach positions the comics not only as a backstory but as an innovative experience in storytelling.

Funding Objective:

Our immediate goal is to secure an investment of $30,000 to $50,000 USD. These funds are earmarked for the production of a 10-minute animated short film in collaboration with NVC Media. This film is critical in captivating a wider audience, showcasing the unique essence of Marla's Mirror, and serving as a pivotal launchpad for further expansion and adaptation into larger screen formats.

Progress and Proofs of Concept:
  • Theme Song: Main Character's Theme – Composed as part of the complete soundtrack for the project, setting the tone for our universe.
  • Trailer: Pre-lore to Present – Created using AI illustrations, this trailer links the comic's pre-lore with the novel's narrative.
  • IllustrationsMarla's Mirror on Facebook An array of illustrations, both for the novel and the planned short film, showcase the artistic vision and narrative depth of Marla's Mirror.  


Marla's Mirror is not just a story; it's an expanding universe with substantial potential for growth in today's content-rich entertainment landscape. Your investment will not only contribute to realizing this animated short but will also lay the groundwork for a larger, more expansive adaptation of this unique and captivating world.

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