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Raising funds for expansion and equity for waste to energy projects in the USA and projects overseas. We have multiple projects that are ready for funding .

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Welcome to The newest technology in waste to energy, no landfill, and 100% recycle . Projects around the world. have many options for great returns and possible ownership in projects. Visit our website at for a full explanation and  will allow you to be able to understand why we will be the newest phenomenon in Waste to Energy for the future. We have been in business for over 5 years, and built the much needed relationships around the world, and presented this technology and currently have over 10 projects that will be profitable for the next 30 years. these projects have in place the waste supply agreements and the Power purchase agreement, along with permits. This is the best opportunity that is or will ever be presented to you!! with a short time available to get involved in the clean and green  future of this beautiful world that was created. Please feel free and encouraged to contact me and I will explain and put you with our finance  manager, for the financial advantages that can help you and your family's future retirement or involvement. The level of involvement does not have to be in owning a part of a plant and getting royalties, it can also be smaller amounts to help the expansion of our privately held company, and enjoy the return of investments. We are here to help your future!!

Thank you 
Mark Boswell  CEO
Marcdavid Green Solutions

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