Raising 300k to make a suspenseful film.

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We are shooting a featured suspensful film. We need a 300,000 dollar budget. Shooting with producer Chip White who has previously worked on electric jesus. Daniel Hambey as the director who has worked on maere: a short horror film about sleep paralysis. Scott Clinton who has worked on cinematography in various films such as “The Black” and “Preminance.” The film is about a stockholm syndrome victim by the name of Susie, a single mother with 1 kid, Mallory; After Susie had a falling out with her previous abusive husband, Patrick takes on a role that replaces him. Only this time, he’s not only abusive but he has a creepy obsession with young Mallory. When Cassie (Mallory’s Aunt) decides to move in with her step sister Susie for a week, Cassie starts unraveling the truth. 

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