Makata's Hibachi & Sushi Bar

Quick payback term and investment royalty for 1million Restaurant Hospitality Acquisition Purchase

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Hi, my name is Shane Moran. I am seeking $750-$1million funding to partner for an acquisition to buy out a business(s) Hospitality, Restaurant 1st location that has been successful in growth for more than 25 plus years with additional locations agreed to purchase as well at a later date. Quick payback with intrest and a  royalty percentage with current and future investment locations. This location even has room to expand. I am wanting to partner with an investor not only buy this business but want to purchase the other locations and open more future locations based on the same name and restuarant platform to franchise. I have been around these Restaurants and the owners for a long time as my clients for another part of business. They signed an agreement with me to own the rights to keep the name and trademark for growing the restaurant. This is an absolute perfect opportunity and the turn around to get the funds paid back for this acquisition will be 1 to 3 years.  I am willing to pay a percentage intrest over what is given back and or retain a royalty fee for addition fundings for future acquisition purchases or openings of other locations.

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