The Company is currently raising $3,000,000.00 in this offering to fund the continued growth of our Feature Film business. (First Round)

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Overview: Majestic Studios, Inc is a Minority Owned Company-A Film and Production company with multiple feature film scripts we own(23) and a documentary in production, 850k invested.  Website:
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Confession Films, Inc. is a female minority owned company who has formed a joint venture with Creek Brothers Films, Inc. A Native American owned company to form “MAJESTIC STUDIOS, INC.” which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This venture will be a Film and Production company that specializes in creating high-end Feature Films and also will create high-end content for Domestic and International markets including TV networks that provide streaming through VOD, TVOD, DVOD, SVOD including Amazon Films, Netflix, Apple, Paramount, HULU, and Peacock to mention a few. “MAJESTIC STUDIOS, INC.” will feature video and film post-production suites, a state-of-the-art sound/audio mixing bay and recording booth, live switch & virtual set capacity, interchangeable scenic backdrops, flats, wrap-around green screen.
Stuart Cooper, CEO -
Stuart has directed over 30 feature films, miniseries and documentaries in his career including films that have won more than twenty international awards. Notably the Silver Medal at the Venice Film Festival, the Gold Medal at the Moscow Film Festival, the Prix CIDALC Gandhi Peace Award and in back-to-back consecutive years two Silver Bears at the Berlin International Film Festival. He will be the CEO and oversee all sales and productions for “MAJESTIC STUDIOS, INC.”

Kelly Korzon, Vice President -
Acknowledged as one of the most creative producers working in film with a relentless talent for developing exceptional content. From page one of the screenplay through budgeting and production, her experience gives financiers and distributors the confidence to green light productions. She lived and worked abroad for many years and has extensive experience in music publishing and promotion. Kelly is head of production for Confession Films and will oversee all of its slated pictures.

Michael Harjo, COO -
Michael is a co-founder of Majestic Studios and producer with experience in film finance, production and distribution. He has over 25 years in the business financial industry. He is also the founder of Creek Brothers Films, Inc., which is a Native American-owned production company. Creek Brothers Films, Inc. focuses on true-life stories, Indigenous and Native American film productions.

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